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Privacy Statement

1. Compliancekantoor
You are currently reading the privacy statement of Compliancekantoor b.v. The websites www.compliancekantoor.nl and www.bureauvaktechniek.nl are the property of the Compliancekantoor b.v. We can collect your data for various reasons. We consider it important that you know what we do with it and how you can indicate your wishes regarding your data. If you would like to contact us regarding the use of your data, you can reach us at info@compliancekantoor.nl

Compliancekantoor b.v. 
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Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 50007076

2. Purpose data
Personal data is collected by Compliancekantoor b.v. for a number of purposes. These are explained below.

1. Sending newsletters
Compliancekantoor b.v. sends invitations and newsletters by e-mail. These newsletters are aimed at knowledge sharing and used for commercial purposes.

2. Contact us
Your data will be collected if you contact Compliancekantoor b.v. via the website. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to be able to offer a proposal or a service, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and your question.

3. Google Analytics
The Compliancekantoor b.v. website collects your data to improve the website. This is done with Google Analytics. This data is anonymous and is therefore not linked to your personal data. This includes information such as the duration of your visit to the website and the pages you visit frequently.

All data is only processed with your explicit permission, or for the execution of agreements, or because processing is necessary to connect you with potential relations and / or contractors.

4. Providing training
During our training activities, in some cases you will be asked for your personal data. These include, for example, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, titles and membership numbers of professional organisations and are used:

>    to make the training technically possible;
>    to provide you with login details for the participation in the training;
>    to invite you to fill out a questionnaire about the training;
>    to evaluate the training;
>    for administrative purposes.

3. Recipients
The data that Compliancekantoor b.v. receives and processes is managed by:

1. E-mail provider
The Compliancekantoor b.v. e-mail is hosted by an external e-mail provider. If you contact us via the forms or via e-mail, those e-mails will be stored on the servers of our e-mail provider.

2. Website hosting
The website and backups of the website are hosted by an external party. Information that you leave on the website of Compliancekantoor b.v. is stored on the servers of this party.

3. Cloud services
The Compliancekantoor b.v. data storage is hosted by external cloud services. Data that you leave behind can be stored on the servers of these parties.

4. NBA and CEDEO
Compliancekantoor b.v. has been accredited as a ‘permanent education institution’ by the Dutch Association of Accountants (NBA). In addition, Compliancekantoor b.v. is CEDEO accredited. The institutions periodically carry out quality reviews and approach participants of our courses for this purpose. Information that you submit can be shared with these organisations.

5. Survio
Compliancekantoor b.v. uses Survio to conduct surveys. Data that you submit via the survey is stored on Survio's servers.

6. Mentimeter
Compliancekantoor b.v. uses Mentimeter to provide interactive training. No personal data is requested and / or stored.

4. Storage period
Your data will be stored for a longer time by Compliancekantoor b.v., but never longer than is necessary for carrying out activities, unless we are required to keep your data longer due to legal obligations.

1. Sending newsletters
Your e-mail address and first name are stored. The storage of your data is indefinite. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an e-mail to info@compliancekantoor.nl.

2. Contact us
When you contact Compliancekantoor b.v. by e-mail, the data that you send, such as your name, company name, and e-mail address, will be stored on the mail server. These e-mails are stored up to a maximum of ten years on the basis of legal obligations and / or professional rules. The data obtained via the contact form on the website is stored for a maximum of 2 months.

3. Google Analytics
The data collected by Google Analytics on the website is anonymous, so it is not linked to your name, company or e-mail address. The storage of this data is indefinite.

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