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drs. K. (Koen) Borst RA

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drs. K. (Koen) Borst RA

“I want to contribute to increase and restore the public's confidence in the accounting profession. On a daily basis, I enjoy offering audit teams concrete guidance and effective solutions for new and/or complex audit assignments from an outside-in perspective. In close cooperation with audit firm’s management and it’s compliance officers I find great pleasure in helping audit firms to establish quality control frameworks that really work in their specific circumstances. As a part-time lecturer I am happy to share my knowledge with others, for example in the form of technical training courses.”  

Koen's background is with one of the 'big four' accountancy firms. He gained experience with group audits of listed companies as a group auditor, both IFRS and Dutch GAAP and higher risk assignments in SMEs.

He worked as part-time lecturer of Financial Auditing at the Free University from 2002 until 2017. From 2005 to 2009, he worked at the AFM (Dutch Authority on Financial Markets) and contributed to the establishment of audit firm oversight and performed quality reviews.

After the AFM, he became the director of professional practice of an OOB-licensed audit firm in the Netherlands responsible for technical standards and tools (e.g. software), quality control frameworks and consultations.  Besides, he acted as quality reviewer for both the SRA Review Committee (2010-2014) and ‘Raad voor Toezicht’ (NBA) (2014-2018).

He is available to act as a guest lecturer and technical consultations.

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