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drs. S. (Sietze) de Leeuw RA

Auditing is an interesting profession.

drs. S. (Sietze) de Leeuw RA

Auditing is an interesting profession. Moreover, it has an important function in our economy. Improving auditing is the underlying mission of my work. I want trust in our profession to return. You see that more and more audit firms are willing to improve themselves. We have the knowledge and experience to support them in this process. At the 'Compliancekantoor' I reflect with audit firms about my observations and I also support them in a constructive way to improve themselves. "

Sietze has extensive experience in auditing. He started as an assistant auditor in 1995 and worked for twelve years at small and large audit firms. He then switched to the AFM (Dutch regulator). He spent about 10 years at the AFM supervising large and smaller audit firms. Sietze has been affiliated with the 'Compliancekantoor' since 2016.

In addition to his work at the 'Compliancekantoor', Sietze is a lecturer at Business University Nyenrode, where he teaches auditing students Financial Auditing and IT Integrated Auditing. As a lecturer he also learns a lot from his students: "They work at audit firms and tell me what they experience in practice. This allows me to look at the same matter from multiple angles."

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